2024 Junior Elite 75 Recaps Pt. 1

Monday, March 25th, 2024

2024 Junior Elite 75 Recaps Pt. 1

The Junior Elite 75 returned this past Friday March 22nd in Foxborough Massachusetts, as 5th-8th graders took the court to put their skills on display. The gym was loaded with future talent in the New England region that we were thrilled to welcome to our Elite 75 showcase series. In the coming days, we will be going through and highlighting those who took the court.


Some 2028 & 2029 Up-and Coming Hoopers


Chris Cherry Jr. possesses lightning-quick reflexes on the court, effortlessly maneuvering the ball with precision. His ability to create separation allows for clean looks at the basket and pull-ups, and he has a polished shooting form. As he continues to grow into his body, keep an eye on the shifty point guard’s development.


Tobe Carberry Jr. looks to have promising potential, following in the footsteps of his father who carved out a pro playing career and has been coaching for many years since. Despite his youthful appearance, he displays a smooth playing style and impressive burst. Keep an eye out for his development as a big guard down the line. 


Braylon Washington's robust physique serves him well on the court, enabling him to dominate weaker opponents. For his age group, he has notable strength over his peers that allows him to impact many facets of the game. He adds a consistent shooting stroke and a knack for creating scoring opportunities, and looks to be a player to track down the line with CATS.


Isaac Yankey demonstrated finesse in his mid-range game at the event, effortlessly lofting shots with a high arc that defenders struggled to contest. His quick setup and release also add to his effectiveness as a scorer, and another dimension to his scoring ability.


Braylon Cruz utilizes his compact build to maneuver effectively in traffic, showcasing versatility around the basket as a scorer. Comfortable finishing with either hand, he capitalizes on scoring opportunities with finesse and strength.


Despite his shorter stature, Justin Bonilla makes a sizable impact as a sharpshooter, boasting a smooth shooting motion. He brings some shot-making versatility that allows him to convert from different spots around the floor. 


Jordan MacLean exudes confidence with every shot attempt, which he uses to play the role of a top scoring threat. McLean looks to be ready to pull the trigger in any situation, does so efficiently, and can score the ball in bunches.


RJ Knox's impressive height (6’2”) for his age sets him apart as a promising prospect already. Knox complements his impressive size with a crafty handle and deceptive hesitations, keeping defenders off balance while orchestrating plays on offense.


Brayden Buckley emerged as a highly coveted prospect, boasting a combination of length and agility. With a lightning-quick crossover and an instinctive anticipation of the game flow, he captains his team, keeping the defense on their toes and flicking passes to open teammates. He can convert tough shots at a high-rate and get to his desired spots, but his IQ on the floor is years beyond his current age. 


Tyler Solecki brought some impressive two-way play at the showcase, making plays on both ends. Most notably, he showed his outside shooting skills knocking down three-pointers and impacting the game in transition on defense.


6 '5 " forward Dylan Lyons played up on Cape Cod Academy this year as an eighth grader and stood out. Lyons shoots it from the outside, can get up and flush dunks, and finishes through contact with his longer frame. His ability to get physical and throw down at the basket is a noteworthy dimension of his game.


Sean Costello’s offensive arsenal stood out as the 2028 guard from BC High competed with some top middle school talent. Costello has a very clean release on the ball and knocked down shots from downtown throughout the night. His ability to drive, hitting floaters and layups is eye-catching as well.


6’2” wing Connor Hynes caught our eye with his feel for the game and growing frame. The 2028 prospect provides a smooth touch to his game, relocates for catch and shoot opportunities and converts as well. He uses his length on the defensive end to challenge his matchup and crowd passing lanes. 


Pomfret Connecticut’s Matthew Therrien’s skillset on both sides of the ball is notable. The forward has a good grasp and handle on the ball which he uses to score around the basket. He plays confident defense, impacting the game with his length and reading passes that the offense makes. 


Dereon Medina’s potential as a lead guard is promising as he brings a toolbelt full of moves to maneuver the floor. Medina’s eurostep catches defenders off-guard, and he can finish around the rim with either hand. He keeps the ball out of reach of defenders and has blossoming vision as a passer. The point guard also knocked down shots from both mid and long range. 


Worcester’s Josiah Bates is another intriguing prospect coming out of New England’s second largest city. Bates plays an unselfish game, distributing the ball to his teammates and creating scoring attempts for them. He uses his tight handle to carve up the defense and is a consistent finisher at the basket.


Playing up on Quabbin Regional’s High School squad, Brady Patchen made a noticeable impact on offense. Patchen is a shot-hunter who can knock down shots from inside and out and contributed a number of points to his showcase teams. 


Standing at 6’3, Lucas Short may still be growing, but the length he already possesses adds a strong facet to his overall game. Short releases the ball at its highest point, makes smart passes and contributes as an imposing force. 


Some Standout 2030 Prospects 


5’11” sixth grader Matt Deng’s size gave him the advantage in his matchup with fellow 2030/31 prospects. Deng pulled in rebounds in bunches on both the offensive and defensive end, and sent shots back in bunches. He played noticeably strong in the post and used it to draw fouls.


6th grade prospect Brady O’Neil post footwork caught our attention as he knew how to maneuver his way around defenders and score at the rim. He made some kick-out passes to open defenders as the focal point down low, and made his impact on the defensive end with physicality and timing of steals.


Lynn Native, Trenton Wilson, made a resounding impact as a shooter at the event. Wilson has an advanced release for his age and uses it to knock down shots. He excels at scoring it in both the mid-range and from the three-point line.


Curtis Middle School’s Jack Wilson stood out as he plays with a good feel for the game as a sixth grade prospect, and limits turnovers/mistakes. Wilson looks to find the open man and distributes the ball to create for others. He also showed some shooting potential.