2024 Junior Elite 75 Recaps pt. 3

Wednesday, March 27th, 2024

2024 Junior Elite 75 Recaps pt. 3

The Junior Elite 75 returned this past Friday March 22nd in Foxborough Massachusetts, as 5th-8th graders took the court to put their skills on display. The gym was loaded with future talent in the New England region that we were thrilled to welcome to our Elite 75 showcase series. In the coming days, we will continue to go through and highlight those who took the court.


More Impressive 2028 and 2029 Standouts


Wiji Dak emerged as one of the standout performers at the event with his smooth and poised style of play. His ability to maneuver through defenses while maintaining control of the ball reflects his high basketball IQ and exceptional skill set. With his quick and elusive moves, Dak consistently keeps defenders off balance, showcasing immense potential that left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.


Standing at 6'5", Aidan McGrath impressed with his ability to slam reverse dunks, showcasing his athleticism and agility. Leveraging his size effectively, McGrath scores both inside and outside the paint, and adds a reliable shooting stroke. Additionally, his ball-handling and passing vision further solidify his versatility on the court, as he impacts the game in a variety of ways.


Jayden Newman showcases exceptional ball-handling skills, utilizing an array of crossovers and hesitations to create scoring opportunities. Equally effective both on and off the ball, he makes timely cuts to the basket. Newman is also a tough finisher around the basket and a pesky on-ball defender with potential in the class of 2029.


Danye Upchurch turned heads with his exceptional ball-handling, effortlessly maneuvering past defenders with swiftness. His ability to create separation and knock down shots from beyond the arc stood out. Upchurch's threat to score all around the floor at the point guard spot will be a difference maker at the high school level. 


Elkin Pena excels in scoring around the paint, utilizing his driving ability to attack the basket with authority. With a knack for protecting the ball and maintaining control during drives, he consistently finds ways to finish using his explosive athleticism towards the basket. Pena is also a shooting threat with smooth form to his shot.


Cole Bianco has exceptional marksmanship from long range with a fluid shooting motion to consistently hit threes. At the guard spot he displays strong floor vision and can finish at the basket with either hand. Bianco also brings defensive versatility and a high motor giving his matchup a tough time. 


Jamar Hightower balances playmaking and scoring, demonstrating a willingness to distribute the ball while also threatening from beyond the arc. On defense he has notably active hands and quick footwork, making him a two-way presence on the court.


Justin McNamara shows promising signs of continued growth, both in stature and skill. His soft touch around the basket, coupled with his shooting ability, adds versatility to his scoring repertoire. Additionally, McNamara's speed and ability to finish fast breaks highlight his effectiveness in transition.


Tighe Arache is a versatile scorer, excelling at all three levels of the court with a notably proficient pull-up shooting game. On drives to the basket, he does a good job of drawing contact and finishing through it. With his length at the guard position, Arache brings defensive skills and showcased some passing chops. 


Ishmael Odugbela displayed his sharpshooting at the showcase, consistently knocking down three-pointers. As a southpaw, his unique style adds an element of unpredictability to his game, complemented by a shifty handle allowing him to navigate through the paint.


David Nguidjoi, standing at an imposing 6'1" in the class of 2029, brings notable length to the court. During the showcase, he displayed interior scoring potential and effectively utilized his wingspan to make an impact on the defensive end.


Jojo Holland demonstrated exceptional range by consistently hitting three-pointers from various spots around the arc. His quickness enables him to excel in transition, capitalizing on opportunities to score on the fast break and get quick points for his showcase team.


Jovil Justabe Jr. has a strong ability to attack the basket with aggressive drives, putting pressure on opposing defenses. As a relentless on-ball defender, he uses his size effectively to disrupt opponents and create turnovers, providing a valuable two-way presence at the point guard position.


Cleto Deng's defensive impact is characterized by his remarkable length, agility, and shot-altering abilities, which disrupt opposing offenses. With an imposing presence in the paint, Deng effectively controls the interior, making it challenging for opponents to score inside.


Cameron Jackson consistently found ways to navigate to his preferred scoring positions on the court. With some ball-handling skills, he maintains excellent control of the ball, minimizing turnovers and keeping the offense flowing smoothly.

A Few Standout Prospects in the Class of 2031


Zaiden Odugbela made his mark on the Junior Elite 75 displaying his advanced skill set for our scouts. The guard couples his quick footwork with a tight handle on the ball to get through the opposing defense. Not only did he put on a strong scoring display with a lot of impressive finishes around the rim, but he knows when to make the right pass. 


Jacob Allen is a notable talent finishing up elementary school this spring. The fifth grade guard has an enhanced grasp on the game already, making an impact in numerous ways. On offense he shakes defenders off the dribble using quick moves and gets into stepback threes. He also gets out quick in transition, making steals and converting at the basket. 


Bryce Espinosa looks to have spent a lot of time working on his shot thus far as the fifth grader was knocking down three-pointers in bunches. His off-ball game stood out as well with a good concept of making the right cuts and scoring around the basket. In all, he put on one of the more impressive shotmaking displays in the 5th/6th group.


Lowell’s Jake McNeil stood out in the younger group with his advanced feel for the game. McNeil is super quick as a ball handler and uses it to get through the defense and finish around the basket. Once he got going, his confidence radiated amongst his team.


Takai Upchurch was a strong force on the offensive end with a versatile game to impact the game. He can score it at all three levels with confidence, whether it’s a pull-up three or driving past his matchup to the bucket. As a distributor, he creates for others with his passing vision and looks to track as a guard prospect with upside in just the fifth grade.


Filip Nesejt’s early skillset was notable as he noticeably built up his confidence, playing well throughout the event. He finished shots around the basket, showed some ball handling and playmaking ability, and pulled in a couple steals. 


Gino Proia's lightning-quick agility makes him a formidable two-way presence on both ends of the court, where his active hands disrupt opposing offenses. Additionally, his unselfish passing and ability to slash to the basket kept the defense on their toes.


Stay tuned for more recaps to close out the week on the classes of 2028-2031!