Adidas Select Series All Tournament Team

Hooprootz | Thursday, March 15th, 2018

Adidas Select Series All Tournament Team

Tournament MVP: Shy Odom, Boston Bobcats

A powerful 6’5 forward, Odom was unable to make the previous two trips due to high school commitments. However Odom able to put his Bobcats team on his back as he absolutely dominated both ends of the court.

First Team:

Kheni Briggs, NC Elite

A long and smooth combo guard, Briggs was a force offensively. A dominant downhill driver, Briggs also has a pretty jumpshot that kept defenders on their toes. It is only a matter of time until Briggs becomes a nationally recognized player.

TJ Power, Boston Bobcats

One of the most consistent players in the field, Power stood out with his offensive versatility. A 6’6 do it all player is not common, especially at the middle school level. nn

Max Ragusa, NY Jayhawks

The heart and soul of his Jayhawks team had many memorable moments during the season. The smooth guard represented his hometown well as he was electric scoring the ball all weekend. He is also very active and smooth defensively

Jaquan Harris, NJ Bulldogs

The younger brother of Minnesota’s Jamir, Jaquan has started to make a name of his own with his ability to play on and off the ball at the highest level. When he gets his jump shot going it is hard to stop.

Jaden Clayton, DC United

Clayton has been as consistent and reliable as they come. Clayton has the ability to get to the paint while also hit the longball at a high rate. Clayton racked up the assists too as he always seemed to find the open man.


Second Team:

Corey Floyd Jr, NJ Bulldogs

High flying guard threw down some monster dunks, CJ also has a high handle on the ball and has range out past the 3 point line. Also teamed up with Jaquan Harris to torment teams defensively.

Travis Roberts, 6th Man Warriors

Finally starting to move his game to the perimeter after starting his career as a post player, Roberts has the ability to take his man off the dribble. He also started many fast breaks by taking the ball coast to coast.

Tyson Commander, Team Melo

Flew under the radar in session two but really started to make a name for himself during session three and the finals. A 6’2 lead guard who is constantly making his teammates better, Commander prefers to let his play do the talking but also is known for holding his teammates accountable.

Jason Drake, The Squad

A three time all session performer, Jason Drake was one of our favorite players to watch. He is absolutely fearless and holds an incredible motor. Drake is also an outstanding passer and is equally playing on the ball as he is off of it.

Shane Fernald, NC Elite

The big man from Charlotte continued to show off his nearly unmatched post presence all weekend long. Fernald was one of the few players to average over 10 rebounds per game. He also showed an ability to hit 15 footers which will only add to his ceiling.


Third Team:

Roby Dormevil, Mass Rivals

One of Boston's finest had a coming out party in King of Prussia and took his game to even greater heights in New York showing an aggressiveness that opponents struggled to keep up with.

Andrew Nguyen, VA Playmakers

With the game on the line we aren't sure there is someone more trustworthy than Nguyen to make a game winning three. One of the purest strokes in the field, Nguyen is a prototypical 3 and D player who has a game that will carry him far.

Kyle Filipowski, Courtmasters

Another player looking to defend his turf, Kyle seems more and more comfortable with the ball in his hands. Filipowski seems on track to be a wing at the next level but over time that could change especially if he can be a primary ball handler.

Malik Bowman, 6th Man Warriors

The other half of the 1-2 punch for 6th Man Warriors, Bowman spent the entire circuit playing a grade up but blended right in as he was another player who was a three time all session team member.

Dorian Mdwenda, Achieve More

Lead his team in points, assists and steals while controlling the tempo of the game with Enai White not present this weekend.


Honorable Mention:

Harry Lodge, Boston Bobcats

Dylan Long, Laurel Lakers

Joseph Griffin, Playaz West

Bobby Rosenberger, Philly Triple Threat

Jaysean Robinson, Riverside Hawks

Isaiah Adams, DC United (CAN)


7th Grade:

First Team:

Brandon McCreesh, Riverside Hawks (MVP)

There isn’t much more to be said about the winter that Brandon McCreesh had. McCreesh ended up averaging over 21 points per game to go along with 6 rebounds and 3 assists. With these stats it is only fitting that he is named Finals MVP.

Will Norman, NJ Bulldogs

A true inside out presence, once he catches it on the block he is nearly impossible to stop. This year he also added a consistent jumper which will only help his ever growing skill set.

Mamadou Traore, Courtmasters Elite

Athletic wing punished the ball with his vicious blocks. Offensively, similar to Norman, he bullied his way to shots that he wanted. Traore finished the finals averaging 18 and 8.

Tahaad Pettiford, Jersey City B&G

Typical Tahaad Pettiford showing over the weekend as he scored the ball efficiently from all three levels. And showed a skillset beyond his years.

Trey Robinson, Team POP

Long and lanky, Robinson showed off a new skill over the weekend as he buried two deep threes. But Robinson continued doing what he does best and that's blocking shots and grabbing rebounds.

Anden Alexander, DC United

Another athletic 3 and D wing, Alexander is one of the most explosive players in the open floor while defensively averaging close to 2 blocks a game to go along with 1 steal.


Second Team:

Kwinton Ives, Team DREAM

Rim protector on defense, Ives plays the role of secondary ball handler and serves at a swiss army knife for his team literally doing anything his coaches needed him to.

Kahdir Linson, T-Town Ballerz

Put on a monster performance in the first game of the day finishing with 26 points, 15 rebounds and 2 blocks.

Kamal Lee, NJ Bulldogs

The teams residential sniper continued to knock down shot after shot, teaming with Will Norman to give the Bulldogs an unmatched inside out duo.

Amir Abdullah, Hilltopper Heat

Smooth lefty wing does a little bit of everything and then some.

Nasir Welch, NY Jayhawks

Another lefty wing who is a total mismatch, as he is either posting up small guards or forcing bigs to guard him on the perimeter. Safe to say Welch has a bright future ahead.


Honorable Mention:

Will Watson, Playaz West

Danny Diaz, Courtmasters Elite

Andrew Serullo, Bay State Jaguars

Isaiah Ceasar, DC United

Kailon Nichols, DC United

Mackenzie Mbanko, Riverside Hawks


6th Grade:

First Team:

Bryson Brown, JCBG (MVP)

Lockdown defender guards the length of the court. Brown is an aggressive driver and a blur with the ball. Brown isn't afraid to sacrifice his body as he dove for every loose ball in sight.

Patrick Nguyen, VA Playmakers

The younger brother of Andrew, Patrick showed he too has a bright future as he made shot after shot in one of the more impressive performances of the weekend.

Ahmad Hall, FiDonce

One of Philly’s top young guards, Hall continued to show why he he deserves to be considered a rising star.

Anthony Martino, Riverside

Followed up session 3’s performance with multiple games scoring in double figures in the finals.

Leonard Brown, Brooklyn Bridge

Electric scoring guard led his team to a 7-0 record throughout the final two sessions before falling to Jersey City in the championship game.


Second Team:

Donovan Freeman, JCBG

Freeman carries a big reputation as a strong defender but he also is starting to put things together offensively.

Gavriel Hendriquez, Riverside

The smooth guard used his quickness to get past defenders where he either finished himself or kicked it out to a teammate.

Umar Sabree, FiDonce

Hall’s running man, Sabree took care of business finishing with double figures in every game this weekend.

Jordan Hammond, Team BBC

Hammond almost seems to have the ball on a string with his killer crossover. He also possesses the ability to stop on a dime and make the jumper or kick it down low.

Ajani Shepard, Castle

Having grown 3 inches this past year, Shepard causes fits defensively while dominating the paint and on the glass.


Honorable Mention:

Damien Wilburn, Team BBC

Acaden Lewis, New World

Timothy Smart, Epic Youngbucks

Jaylen Mayo, JCBG