Hooprootz Player Spotlight: Kur Teng

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

Hooprootz Player Spotlight: Kur Teng

Our second edition of the Player Spotlight Series looks at DC Blue Devils guard Kur Teng. Listed as a wing last year, Teng has becgan to evolve into a true guard that will follow the path that Geo Baker, Caleb Green, Ronnie Silva and Bol Akot have paved for him with the DC Blue Devils program. Known for his shooting prowess, Teng can score it with the best of them. We look forward to seeing Kur return in March. More information on Junior Elite 75 can be found here while registration is here. Make sure to tune in every Tuesday as we will break down and preview different prospects who will be in attendance. 

Player Profile:

Name: Kur Teng

Hometown: Manchester, New Hampshire

Height: 5'10

Position: Guard


Player Interview:

Hooprootz: How is 8th grade going so far?

Kur Teng: 8th grade is going really well.  My team is doing very good and I am averaging 29 points per game.


HR: Are you playing for your middle school team?

KT: Yes. I play for Parkside Middle School in Manchester NH.


HR: Do you play for anyone else?

KT: Yes, I play for DC Blue Devils in New Hampshire for coach TJ Thompson. 


HR: What part of your game are you looking to work on? 

KT: I have been working really hard this summer on making my jump shot more consistent. 


HR: Do you play any other sports?

KT: I don’t play any other sports.  Basketball is my true passion. So I like to focus on that as much as possible. I really love being in the gym working on my game.



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