#JE75 Mass 2024

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

#JE75 Mass 2024

After finishing the 2023 recaps yesterday, we now turn our attention to 2024, where we will start in Massachusetts.


 Ryan Dunn: Good passer who can deliver the ball with both hands. Doesnt force anything and has long arms.

Alexander Barlow: Drives the ball well in transition to score and passes it well. Shoots it well from the perimeter

Nick Lemmond: Rebounds the ball well and handles the ball well in transition. Moves well without the ball

Sal Ortiz: Passes the ball well in transition. Moves well without the ball.

Damari Henriquez: Athletic prospect with a lot of potential. Plays hard on the defensive end.

Jordan Fontes: Drives the ball well to the basket to score and passes the ball well. Communicates well on defense

Luis Alicea: Passes the ball well and plays good man to man defense.

Chase Mello: Passes the ball well and plays good team defense. Moves well without the ball.

Julian Chatman: Absolutely electric scorer who was lethal behind the line. Chatman is a quick true point guard who can get any shot he wants on the floor. More importantly, his worth ethic and energy was off the charts. He competes!!   

Nazire Johnson: Drives the ball well to the basket and plays good man to man defense.

Remington Rokoszewski: Plays good team defense and rebounds well especially offensively, move well without the ball to score in the post.

Jack Belding: Skilled offensive player, good size and athleticism. Scores with dribble or the jump shot. Good feel for the game.

Michael Porter: Excellent ball handler and scorer can get to the basket with ease and does most of his damage off the dribble. 

Zack Cotter: Good ball handling skills good passer and a tough guard who can score from outside or take it to the basket. 

Jack Angelolus: Quick athletic guard, handles, solid defender, knocks down the 3- pointer.

Ryan Ward: Good ball handling skills, plays good defense, runs the floor/ team well.

Dave Tewksbury: Athletic player finds a way to get a bucket, active defender and rebounder. Consistent scorer on the baseline. Shows catch and finish skills or uses dribble to get to the rim.

Nathan Rateau: Small guard who can score; can create opportunities for other players, He is best in the open floor, can make the open shot when left alone.