#JE75 - Top Frontcourt Prospects

Hooprootz | Friday, March 16th, 2018

#JE75 - Top Frontcourt Prospects

In our first recap we will be looking at the big men who caught our eye from last Sunday’s Junior Elite 75.

Best of the Bunch: 

Cleto Chol: Tallest player in the field at 6’6, Cleto is a difference maker defensively using his frame and size to cause problems in the post. At this stage his defensive skills are coming along faster than offense, however if the strides he has made during the past year are any indication, Cleto Chol is a player to watch out for.

Ne’John Fortes: Athletic type of player showed the ability to handler the ball in transition and showed good rebounding skills. Fortes also projects more as a wing at the next level so he spent a good amount of time on the perimeter as well.       

Owen Moreira: The 6’4” 8th grader shows tremendous finishing ability around the basket, as well as some handle ability on the perimeter and in the open court.

Bryce Duarte: Bryce Duarte showed a smooth all around game on Sunday at the Junior Elite 75 Showcase. At 6’1”, he showed everything from a post game to outside shooting. He as the handle ability to dribble the ball the length of the court and orchestrate a break, all while posting up his opponents and dragging out taller defenders to the perimintor with his three point shot. Just a 7th grader, Duarte has a bright future ahead of him.

Ruudvan Joseph: Very patient post player who waits for plays to develop, rim runner in transition and has a great motor. As a 6’3” 7th grader, Joseph has a solid foundation in terms of his offensive skill set. He has a soft touch inside and is a threat from fifteen to seventeen feet with his jumpshot. Defensively, he serves as a good rim protector at his height against the competition. As he continues to develop his body, basketball I.Q. and his handle, he has the potential to become a fine player in the future.

Collin Johnson: Good defender showed good offensive skills, especially driving to the basket. The BABC product is a typical blue color post prospect as he was vocal, active on the glass and blocked a ton of shots.

Johns Shea: Outstanding job running the floor, Shea was one of the most intimidating post prospects as he was a good 2-3 inches taller than most of the players he guarded. Shea used his wide frame to bully opposing players all day long.

Prince Samuels: Prince Samuels is a well sized, athletic big man that is comfortable in the open court. He dominated the competition Sunday on the glass and was impressive running rim to rim all day. He has a workable jump shot, solid handle, and good all around skill for a big man. Samuels is definitely a player to keep an eye on as he continues to develop his game.

 Other names to know:

Tyrone Countryman: Countrymon has great size for a 7th grader. At 5’7” he has a presence on the offensive and defensive glass. He also showed good finishing ability around the rim as well. 

Rashawn Tibby: Solid post moves, showing the ability to finish over both shoulders, great helpside defender as well.

Darius Peterson: A great defensive player who understands communication and rotations at a young age. Needs to develop his offensive skill set but has a great foundation on the defensive end of the floor. 

Cooper Nieminen: Cooper Nieminen, a product of Fraser Woods School shows promise in his time on the court on Sunday. He was consistently working hard on the glass and ran the floor very well.