2024 Junior Elite 75 Recaps pt. 4

Thursday, March 28th, 2024

2024 Junior Elite 75 Recaps pt. 4

The Junior Elite 75 returned this past Friday March 22nd in Foxborough Massachusetts, as 5th-8th graders took the court to put their skills on display. The gym was loaded with future talent in the New England region that we were thrilled to welcome to our Elite 75 showcase series. In the coming days, we will continue to go through and highlight those who took the court.


More Impressive 2028 and 2029 Standouts


Max Maturah directs traffic on the court with quick handles and a good feel for when to pass the ball. He swiftly converts shots and finishes around the basket with both hands. He was a standout player this past season with the Fenn School with potential to keep making noise at the next level.


Weston Tayebati displays good shooting from deep, aggressive defending using his body to impact the game, and drives effectively to the basket to finish layups.


Drew Nguyen has a good feel for the game, makes sound defensive rotations, and provides a scoring threat with his shooting ability. He is also a notable finisher around the basket and crashes the boards on both ends. 


Leon Popovic stands tall at 6'2", and scores effectively around the basket using his length to drive past defenders. He has solid playmaking chops knowing when to dish the ball off to get his teammates a good look at a shot.


Kingston Bigos stood out above the rest of the group as a vocal leader calling out screens on defense. On the other side of the ball he penetrates the paint, examines defenses while dribbling, and scores effectively both inside and out.


Lucas Mashikian stands out with height, impacts on defense using length, and converts effectively around the basket.


Cullen Hughes is a quick guard with a solid handle which he uses to maneuver around defense to find scoring opportunities.


Drake Alvarez is a tough defender who guards the ball effectively and shows scoring potential inside and out.


Kason Safford is a solid shooter from mid-range and deep, playing with determination and making the right plays for his team.


Logan McEvoy demonstrates hustle on the floor, makes smart passes, and hits standstill jumpers from mid-range.


Jameer Cosby demonstrates a solid handle on the ball and moves effectively on the floor, consistently making smart decisions and limiting turnovers.


Alec Thach exhibits quick footwork and excels in transition, while also proving to be a reliable shooter hitting shots in a variety of ways


Matthew Benson effectively drives around defenders to the baseline and shows proficiency in finishing at the rim.


Bobby Bickford is known as a three-point marksman, knocking down shots and making timely cuts to the basket when off the ball. His shooting skills stood out to our scouts.


More on the Classes of 2030 & 2031


Bowen Elementary's Gary Dickey made his mark at the showcase as a passer, keeping the ball moving and finding open teammates.


Ricardo King Jr is a developing lead guard with an unselfishness to his game, getting his teammates solid looks at shots. He also brings finishing ability at the basket and crashes the offensive glass.


Riley Shaw has a strong handle on the ball early in the class of 2031 and moves with quickness, while also being a communicator on the floor.


Standing at 5' 8" in the fifth grade, Topher Small made his imposing presence felt in the paint, while also making smart passes and converting scoring attempts


Jack Croopnick made his impact felt from the guard position making quick passes while also using his agility to move around the floor. 


Joe MacDonald shined as an off-ball guard who seeks out catch-and-shoot attempts and can convert, but can make a quick pass as well.


Max Arnio showed potential at the guard spot as he develops his handling skills down the line, but has passing vision to get the team good shot attempts. 


Nate Downey is a super quick guard with growing scoring skills , but makes an impact on the game with his high energy play.


Stay tuned for tommorow's final release of the event's participants!