Lab Prep Recap: David Ayles

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

Lab Prep Recap: David Ayles

Our second recap from last week's Lab Prep Camp looks at Nobles & BABC guard David Ayles


Ayles is a strong ball handler and hustle player. Always diving for loose balls and attacking the offensive and defensive glass. Younger cousin of former NMH standout Matt Dewolf, Ayles shows similar leadership tendencies as he is always setting the tone and leading by example.

We also sat down with Ayles for an interview last week:

Hooprootz: What is an area of your game which you would like to improve?

David Ayles: Finishing at the basket and I plan on working on my athleticism this summer. 

HR: Who is your favorite NBA player? Why?

DA: I really like Klay Thompsons ability to play off the ball but he also gives them the ability to score, he is also a tough player.

HR: Who is your biggest inspiration?

DA: My brother, he makes me work hard, stops me from doing dumb stuff. Pushes me to get stronger and push through adversity. 

HR: What does playing for BABC mean to you?

DA: It means a lot. They've sent many players to the NBA and the coaches really care about us. I want to make sure we pay them back by playing hard and playing well.

HR: What are your personal goals for this upcoming season?

DA: Become more athletic and higher basketball IQ. We have a lot of good players returning to Nobles next year and Im ready to learn from them.

HR: MJ vs. Lebron Why?

DA: MJ 100%, MJ never had an attitude and always fought through things, he knows more about basketball, he knows everything.