#JE75 Rhode Island 2024

Tyler Hurd 2024

Posted Saturday, March 30th, 2019

For our final 2024 recap, we head to the ocean state.   Tyler Hurd:  Showed good shooting touch from outside and rebounds well. Moves well without the ball. Derrell Liggins Jr: Although undersized, he is crafty and skilled with his ball handle and finishing ability. Will have good potential once he continues to grow. Good passer and good driver to score in transition and plaus good man to man defense.   Harrison Azariah: Really good motor and ball handling skills and… READ MORE >

#JE75 New Hampshire 2024

#JE75 New Hampshire 2024

Posted Friday, March 29th, 2019

Our latest 2024 recap takes us to New Hampshire. Connecticut's 2024 write up can be found here while our Massachusetts recap can be found here.  While there may have only been four 7th graders from New Hampshire in attendance, all 4 were very impressive. Chester Middle School's Drew Brander is a great shooter with a quick release, he has good instincts defensively and a mature feel for the game. He also rebounds well and excels at driving the ball to the basket. 5'6… READ MORE >

#JE75 Connecticut 2024

#JE75 Connecticut 2024

Posted Thursday, March 28th, 2019

Our latest Junior Elite 75 recap takes us back to Connecticut, where we take a look at the 7th graders who stood out.  Charnez Perkins: Plays good helpside defense, showed good shooting ability from the perimeter. Jair Mathis: Plays good man to man defense and drives the ball well to the basket to score. Cameron Perkins: Shoots the ball well from the perimeter and rebounds the ball well. Bryan Velez: Lefty shooter, undersized but room to grow and uses the dribble… READ MORE >

#JE75 Mass 2024

#JE75 Mass 2024

Posted Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

After finishing the 2023 recaps yesterday, we now turn our attention to 2024, where we will start in Massachusetts.    Ryan Dunn: Good passer who can deliver the ball with both hands. Doesnt force anything and has long arms. Alexander Barlow: Drives the ball well in transition to score and passes it well. Shoots it well from the perimeter Nick Lemmond: Rebounds the ball well and handles the ball well in transition. Moves well without the ball Sal Ortiz: Passes… READ MORE >

#JE75 New Hampshire 2023

Kur  Teng 2023

Posted Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

Our last 2023 recap takes a look at the New Hampshire natives who stood out.    Trevor Labrecque: Good passer, especially on drive and kicks. Can shoot it and has great vision to go along with his high IQ. Jalen Reese: long athletic and a great passer. Runs the floor extremely well. Athletic and rebounds well. Quinn Hammer: Big man who plays extremely hard and runs the floor well for his age. Athletic for his size. Quinton Pincoske: Good leading… READ MORE >

#JE75 Rhode Island 2023

Wyatt Greenberg 2023

Posted Sunday, March 24th, 2019

Wyatt Greenberg may have been the only front court prospect from Rhode Island, but he did not dissapoint as he was one of the top preformers on the night. His motor is his calling card as he plays extremely hard and runs the floor well especially for a big man. He is excellent as using his body to carve out space in the paint. In addition to this, he was one of the only guys who dove on the floor… READ MORE >

#JE75 Connecticut 2023 Backcourt

#JE75 Connecticut 2023 Backcourt

Posted Sunday, March 24th, 2019

Our latest recap takes a look at the 8th grade guards who stood out.    Jeremiah Jenkins: One of the best prospects from Friday night. Lighting quick and has a smooth handle. Can get to the rim or create a fast break whenever he wants to. Also showed an ability to hit the 3 and make plays for his teammates. Handles well with good court vision and can shoot it off the dribble. Jarel Delgado: Skilled scorer who uses his stocky… READ MORE >

#JE75 Connecticut 2023 Frontcourt

William Lobor 2022

Posted Saturday, March 23rd, 2019

It may not have been a very deep group, but all 4 of the 2023 Frontcourt players from Connecticut were fantastic. Maine native and Rectory 6'5 combo forward William Lobor is the most physical of the bunch, as he dominates the paint and has a variety of finishes around the rim. Lobor runs the floor well and can score in transition and rebounds the ball well, especially offensively, drives the ball well to the basket to score in the paint. Bridgeport's… READ MORE >

#JE75 Mass 2023 Guards

#JE75 Mass 2023 Guards

Posted Friday, March 22nd, 2019

In the deepest group, we now take a look at the 8th grade guards who caught our eye.   Best of the Bunch: William Watson: Skilled guard with good handle and playmaking ability. Showed off a nice pull up jump shot. Abdur-Rahman De Leon: At 6'3, De Leon is a big guard who handles the ball with ease and controls the tempo of the game. Uses his size and strength to get to the rim and score over smaller defenders. High… READ MORE >

#JE75 Mass 2023 Wings

Kendric Davila-Diaz 2023

Posted Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

In by far the deepest state, Mass 2023 wings did not dissapoint either.  The standouts: David Ayles 6'3 Nobles: A terrific rebounder who scores efficiently around the rim. He has good touch with both his right and left hands and a  high motor to go with a good iq, good handles, good pull up jumper and can attack the rim well. Ayles finishes inside with both hands, uses his feet on D, is unselfish offensively, and a good passer.  Kendric Davila-Diaz 6'4… READ MORE >

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